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As excited as I was when I was pregnant about planning and decorating the nursery I found it really hard to settle on a theme! or even how I wanted it to look. I had too many ideas running around in my head plus I’m not sure if I really believe in having a dominant theme like owls, princesses etc… I really wanted to leave it fairly open so it could evolve as the Little Miss grew and her personality shined through. So to start with I decided to create a colourful, cheerful and cosy environment. When I came across this balloon mobile I thought it was perfect and dreamy and something she would love to look at.

balloon nursery mobile

I couldn’t decide between pastel or bright colours so I ended up deciding on a bit of both.

balloon baby mobile

and then my final version was just the two colours..

There are a few different versions out there but this one is made by stitching felt with some padding inside. Here is the link to the version I used for my inspiration.


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