16 Dec, 2014


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I’ve had a few people ask me since my last post about how I created Ava’s first birthday chalkboard sign, so I thought I’d let you in on the details. Firstly it’s not a real chalkboard but actually metallic markers on black foam board. I came across the idea online and thought it was really smart and far less messy to have at a party. Plus I’ve now got it hanging in Ava’s room and she can touch it as much as she likes!

I started out by writing down a list of things I wanted to include such as her favourite foods, first words and nicknames etc.. then I marked it out lightly in pencil to get the placement and free-handed it directly onto the board. Even though I love writing decorative lettering don’t be discouraged if that’s not your thing! I think any type of neat handwriting would be great as the effect of the metallic markers is pretty awesome. I was happy with how Ava’s turned out and it made a nice feature at her party.

First birthday hand drawn chalkboard


10 Dec, 2014


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Happy weekend! Thanks for following! I’m really enjoying this back cataloging of past projects. I’ll have some new posts to show soon, however for now the next project I wanted to share is one I created for Ava’s room a few months ago. It’s no secret I’m a hand lettering nut so I’ve been wanting to use Ava’s name in an illustrative type artwork for a while now.

Name lettering artwork in progress

I started by sketching up a few ideas and Kal really enjoys character design so I enlisted his help with some cute woodland animals.

Nursery hand lettering artwork

Next I decided it would look best in watercolour..

Nursery hand lettering artwork

Someone wanted to help…

Nursery hand lettering artwork

Finished and framed. I really enjoyed working on this artwork and collaborating with Kal has created such a special keepsake for Ava.


5 Dec, 2014


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As excited as I was when I was pregnant about planning and decorating the nursery I found it really hard to settle on a theme! or even how I wanted it to look. I had too many ideas running around in my head plus I’m not sure if I really believe in having a dominant theme like owls, princesses etc… I really wanted to leave it fairly open so it could evolve as the Little Miss grew and her personality shined through. So to start with I decided to create a colourful, cheerful and cosy environment. When I came across this balloon mobile I thought it was perfect and dreamy and something she would love to look at.

balloon nursery mobile

I couldn’t decide between pastel or bright colours so I ended up deciding on a bit of both.

balloon baby mobile

and then my final version was just the two colours..

There are a few different versions out there but this one is made by stitching felt with some padding inside. Here is the link to the version I used for my inspiration.