My lovely sister-in-law turned the big 21 this year and when she told me about her party, in a spontaneous crazy moment I said “Can I decorate your cake!?”. I’d never done any cake decorating before but I was really thrilled to have an excuse to give it a try. Most of all I was interested in trying stencils as I’d seen them used before. If there is something I love more than paper prints, it’s edible prints!

The plan was to stencil on some personalised name lettering and a few flourishes. Straight away this all proved more difficult than I thought as I couldn’t find a huge amount of info on creating your own stencils for cake decorating and what supplies you could use to do so. Plus the cake supply stores could only give me info on how to use generic stencils that they sold. Anyway… I googled, brainstormed and did a lot of trial and error with different products such as coloured royal icing, Luster dust and glitter.

Cake stencil on fondant

(This was a trial with black royal icing using one of our screenprinting stencils 😉

Cake decorating little handmade flowers

Meanwhile I also needed some other decorations…. this was my first attempt at sugar flowers. Time consuming but fun! (and tasty)

cake design stencil

We decided this was the design we wanted to stencil on top of the cake. I found the best product to use was Luster dust if it was used very carefully and sparingly.

and after an evening of decorating and a sprinkle of glitter… the finished cake!! I was really happy and pleased that I ended up looking close to what I had planned in my mind and happier still that my sister-in-law loved it!


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