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11 Dec, 2014


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My lovely sister-in-law turned the big 21 this year and when she told me about her party, in a spontaneous crazy moment I said “Can I decorate your cake!?”. I’d never done any cake decorating before but I was really thrilled to have an excuse to give it a try. Most of all I was interested in trying stencils as I‚Äôd seen them used before. If there is something I love more than paper prints, it’s edible prints!

The plan was to stencil on some personalised name lettering and a few flourishes. Straight away this all proved more difficult than I thought as I couldn’t find a huge amount of info on creating your own stencils for cake decorating and what supplies you could use to do so. Plus the cake supply stores could only give me info on how to use generic stencils that they sold. Anyway… I googled, brainstormed and did a lot of trial and error with different products such as coloured royal icing, Luster dust and glitter.

Cake stencil on fondant

(This was a trial with black royal icing using one of our screenprinting stencils ūüėČ

Cake decorating little handmade flowers

Meanwhile I also needed some other decorations…. this was my first attempt at sugar flowers. Time consuming but fun! (and tasty)

cake design stencil

We decided this was the design we wanted to stencil on top of the cake. I found the best product to use was Luster dust if it was used very carefully and sparingly.

and after an evening of decorating and a sprinkle of glitter… the finished cake!! I was really happy and pleased that I ended up looking close to what I had planned in my mind and happier still that my sister-in-law loved it!


11 Dec, 2014


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Here’s some fun lettering I created last summer for my favourite teas. I found these great canisters at a dollar store with a blackboard label already¬†on the front¬†and simply used acrylic paint to hand paint the permanent lettering. They are the highlight of my kitchen counter, my favourites have expanded now so I really need to paint some more!

Favourite tea hand painted lettering

Favourite tea hand painted lettering


10 Dec, 2014


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Happy weekend! Thanks for following! I‚Äôm really enjoying this back cataloging of past projects. I’ll have some new posts to show soon, however for now the next project I wanted to share is one I created for Ava‚Äôs room a few months ago. It’s no secret I’m a hand lettering nut so I’ve been wanting to use Ava’s name in an illustrative type artwork for a while now.

Name lettering artwork in progress

I started by sketching up a few ideas and Kal really enjoys character design so I enlisted his help with some cute woodland animals.

Nursery hand lettering artwork

Next I decided it would look best in watercolour..

Nursery hand lettering artwork

Someone wanted to help…

Nursery hand lettering artwork

Finished and framed. I really enjoyed working on this artwork and collaborating with Kal has created such a special keepsake for Ava.


5 Dec, 2014


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As excited as I was when I was pregnant about planning and decorating the nursery I found it really hard to settle on a theme! or even how I wanted it to look. I had too many ideas running around in my head plus I’m not sure if I really believe in having a dominant theme like owls, princesses etc… I really wanted to leave it fairly open so it could evolve as the Little Miss grew and her personality shined through. So to start with I decided to create a colourful, cheerful and cosy environment. When I came across this balloon mobile I thought it was perfect and dreamy and something she would love to look at.

balloon nursery mobile

I couldn’t decide between pastel or bright colours so I ended up deciding on a bit of both.

balloon baby mobile

and then my final version was just the two colours..

There are a few different versions out there but this one is made by stitching felt with some padding inside. Here is the link to the version I used for my inspiration.


28 Nov, 2014



So I’d thought I would start off my posts with the crotchet crazy stage I went through last year before my daughter Ava was born where I just wanted to make everything and anything. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not one to sit still for very long (frustratingly for my husband I even get bored even during movies) so it was a really good hobby for me to do while I was pregnant because it made me stop and rest a few times a day. I remember on my due date I was still running around collecting bits of this and that to make something for Ava’s room and a shop assistant said…”You’re due today!?” “What are you doing out of the house!?” In my mind due dates are just a matter of opinion – there is way too much to do to follow them too strictly!

Of course as you can probably imagine 9 months flies and I ran out of time to make all the patterns I collected however I did manage to make a few things to be satisfied. When I look at them now they fill me with glorious memories of the anticipation of a baby girl so I thought I would share them with you.

Firstly I started the obsession by making a cute garland for the change table.

It was really sweet and I decided to go with brown pompoms as I had no idea at that time if we were having a little Miss or Mr. If you are interested you can find the pattern in the book First Crochet – Simple projects for crochetters. It’s a great book for anyone interested in learning or still a beginner.

Crochet baby bear garland

Next.. while the gender was still anyone’s guess, I came across this¬†pattern¬†for a very cute bear beanie.¬†The size was all guesswork and it ended up being a little too small so it didn’t really ever fit her correctly however it was fun and easy to make!

Crochet bear beanie

Finally we found out what we were having and it was a Little Miss, whoop whoop!!! I was so excited! So this was the next thing I made. You can’t go wrong with rose pink and cream. If you would like the pattern here¬†is the link.

Crochet shell beanie pattern

I tried making some booties next which I found to be difficult but oh so worth it for the cute factor! I finally got the second bootie done after firstly making two left ones. Here is the pattern for them also.

Crochet baby booties

Honestly this has probably been the most useful thing that I have made and I’m still using it. This little pram blanket and beanie made me crave strawberry, mint and banana ice-cream. It has a handy little slit about halfway down so the pram buckle can clip through and the blanket doesn’t slip off. ¬†I found this pattern in¬†Stitch ‘N Bitch Crochet:¬† The Happy Hooker. It’s a great book!

Crochet baby pram blanket

Lastly this was my absolute favourite of all the things I made for the Little Miss. It makes me smile so much! It fitted her perfectly and kept her ears nice and warm until she worked out how to pull it off and chew on the buttons. 

Crochet childrens owl beanie

As she got older I was so sad when she outgrew it before winter had really began so I thought it was time I made another one. She loves it!

Crochet childrens owl beanie

Bel xx