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Hello I’m Bel,

I’m a photographer, Illustrator, tea drinker, night owl, crafter, creative adventure chaser and a mum. 

Photography is my newest creative venture… from around the age of eight I’ve always had a camera close at hand obsessed with capturing the moment. My photography style is focussed on telling a story through the natural moments I see and capture. Please take a look and if you’d like to have a chat about a session with me, I’d love to hear from you!

My illustration style is a distinctive and creative hand-drawn ‘Dotsploration’ style, which is characterised by fine carefully placed dots to represent shadow, outlines or light areas of tone. I also have a passion for hand drawn lettering and illustrative typography. My work has been seen in various publications including Computer Arts magazine, Desktop Magazine, Blanket Magazine, CURVY and also in numerous exhibitions throughout the country.

When I’m not capturing or creating you can find me exploring the many sights of our home city of Melbourne with my gorgeous daughter Ava, listening to Disney music, baking and just enjoying the busy life of motherhood.

Thank you for visiting! If you’d like to say hi please email hello@ivebeencreating.com


Below is an interview with Computer Arts Magazine about my background and process.
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